Writing Placement

Writing 1010 and 2010 need to be taken within the first three semesters at the U, and before students enroll in their upper-division CW writing courses.

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Writing Placement

Most entering students are assigned to a freshman writing course on the basis of their Admissions Index. This number is determined by a student's High School grade point average and their ACT or SAT score. Students admitted without a calculated Admissions Index , or wishing to challenge their placement by the Index, need to write the Writing Placement Essay. Students who speak English as a Second Language may also be required to write a placement essay rated by the Department of Linguistics (581-8047).

For all undergraduate degrees, the University requires completion of Writing 2010 (or 1050-1060 series for ESL students) with a grade of C- or higher. Writing 1010 (or 1040 for ESL students) is a prerequisite to this course for some students. The appropriate writing course placement is assigned according to the student's Admissions Index or Writing Placement Essay rating.

Taking the Writing Placement Essay

The Writing Placement Essay is administered to students throughout the year by the University Testing Center, 498 SSB.

More detailed information about the Writing Placement Essay is provided on the Testing Center web page.

Writing Placement Essays are rated by the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies. Students may call the office (801)581-7090 for results the following business day after the rating date. Results are e-mailed to an address indicated by the student at the time of essay exam.