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Writing 1010 and 2010 need to be taken within the first three semesters at the U, and before students enroll in their upper-division CW writing courses.


Placement Test

First Year Writing Requirement

The first-year writing series at the University of Utah prepares students to write effectively and clearly, using a number of academic genres. Though the goal of WRTG 1010 and WRTG 2010 is to prepare students to succeed academically, the behaviors and abilities they develop in these courses transfer to other writing contexts, giving students the resources to analyze, identify, and respond to the writing expectations for workplace settings, community engagement, and beyond. Students develop a number of flexible capabilities that they can adapt to future situations that call for writing.

Writing 1010 is designed to prepare students like you for the kinds of reading and writing that you will do as a member of an academic community. We begin by embracing the idea that writing in academic settings is about joining an ongoing conversation. We focus on developing the tools and literacy practices that students will need in order to fully participate in the research, projects, and conversations that are important in their individual disciplines. In other words, even though you have been reading and writing for most of your life, the kinds of reading and writing required in a university setting are different. More.

Writing 2010 is designed to provide students with the foundational practices and capabilities needed to read and write academic arguments proficiently. Academic writing isn’t a solo endeavor, in which the author sits and comes up with ideas by him or herself. Instead, it is more useful to imagine academic writing as a conversation, in which an author talks to others concerned with the same topic, and who are reading and writing arguments and doing research on that topic. More.

Waitlisting is now available on all WRTG 1010 and 2010 classes

If a class is full when a student registers, wait listing allows a student to add their name to an electronic wait list and potentially be added to the class if space opens up, and they meet all the requirements. Wait listing is not a guarantee to enrollment into a classMore.

The Department of Writing & Rhetoric does not over-enroll or give permission codes to sign students in over class enrollment caps.

Last Updated: 12/13/17