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Campus-wide Writing Courses

Improve your writing: Take a graduate writing class

The University Writing Program offers several graduate writing courses designed to help you learn to write different types of documents, improve your writing style, and increase your writing productivity. Classes are limited to 12-15 students so you receive individual attention.

Our classes offer you an opportunity to draft, revise, and edit a document that is important to your educational and professional goals, such as a dissertation chapter, capstone report, journal article manuscript, or grant proposal. You’ll receive expert feedback as you revise your document for its intended audience.

Writing for Publication identifies many different types of writing produced by researchers, examines the steps writers take to organize a standard argument or present research findings, and explores how successful academic writing is constructed. Class sessions target article and journal analysis, and students participate in workshopping their own writing as they prepare and strengthen work for publication.

Wed. 2-4 pm LNCO 2820/Instructor: Pamela Balluck, Ph.D.

Designed for graduate students in all disciplines, Dissertation Writing introduces students to the various genres of dissertations and how to prepare them. The course focuses on the process of writing a dissertation, from contextualizing a research problem, to describing specific aims and research methods, to making the results relevant to a scholarly community. Students complete two dissertation chapters by the end of the semester.

Tues. 6-9 pm, LNCO 3805/Instructor: David Hawkins, Ph.D.

This course focuses on grant proposals, addressing the expectations of specific audiences. Emphasis is on institutional and national contexts for grant writing. In this workshop-type course, we will discuss grant writing, find possible funding opportunities, write portions of the grant applications associated with those opportunities, and evaluate each other’s intended submissions.

Tues. 3-6 pm, LNCO 2820/Instructor: Marianne Madsen, Ph.D.

Designed to help graduate students in the sciences and engineering develop the skills needed for research and communication. The course provides students the opportunity to write in a variety of genres they are likely to encounter in their professional lives (i.e., memos, proposals, reports, presentations).

Thurs. 6-9 pm, LNCO 3840/Instructor: Joel Mullen, Ph.D.

In WRTG 7080, graduate students in health science fields practice the writing skills necessary for scientific research and professional communication in their disciplines. Students learn how to plan and organize a persuasive scientific argument, use graphics effectively to support claims, integrate and document secondary research, and revise their prose to develop a clear and concise writing style. Students compose and revise a document of their choice for the course project.

Online course/Instructor: Natalie Stillman-Webb, Ph.D.

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