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Utah’s interdisciplinary PhD shared by the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies and the Department of English. Students take core courses with in both departments and work closely with faculty listed below.

Incoming doctoral students will be assigned and meet with a temporary advisor during their first semester to outline a plan of study. The plan of study will help to ensure that the student is on track to meet both the program requirements. Specifically, in addition to their departmental coursework, doctoral students will need to take each one of the following classes:

    WRTG/ENG 6350: Composition Theory and Research

    WRTG/ENG 6500: Studies in Writing and Pedagogy

    WRTG/ENG/LING 6767: Studies in Discourse Analysis

    WRTG 7760: Theory and History or Rhetoric

    WRTG 7770: Research in Writing and Rhetoric

The doctoral programs comprise of three main sections: 1) coursework, 2) qualifying examinations, and 3) dissertation writing and defense. Each of these steps toward the Ph.D. is described in detail on the departmental websites linked below.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies or the Department of English


Master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition

Master's degree in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition

The English department offers a Master's degree in literature studies with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition. In their third semester, graduate students will outline a plan of study with their advisor, who should be chosen from one of the Writing & Rhetoric faculty. The plan of study will identify which Rhet/Comp courses the graduate student should plan to take in order to complete his or her degree. A minimum of 30 credit hours (10 courses) are required to graduate.

To complete their degree, Master’s students through the English department will take an exam that addresses perspectives on rhetoric and composition from allied disciplines and explores a topic that arises from the student’s core courses in rhetoric and composition.

To view the program requirements of this degree, visit the English department's program page.

Please contact either the graduate coordinator for the home department or the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies if you have further questions.


Gerri Mackey

Department of English
Phone: 801-581-7131
Office 3500 LNCO


Jay Jordan

Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies
Phone: 801-581-7090
Office: 3700 LNCO

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