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About Us

The Undergraduate Journal of Contemporary Issues and Media examines issues that are relevant across global contexts, though some may be uniquely identified and experienced by individuals and groups. The online journal publishes a wide range of media/texts showcasing different perspectives and ideas. Each contribution provides a more novel and holistic understanding of an issue that otherwise could not be gained through one medium. Both traditional and nontraditional media are represented. As a collective, each volume provides a multi-perspectival view of a particular issue. We accept:

  • Comics, zines
  • Short and flash fiction, poetry
  • Art, film, infographics, photography
  • Radio/podcasts, music, soundscapes
  • Essays, opinion, nonfiction texts, including research

Our goal is to provide a forum for creative and informative perspectives that are mindful and provocative.

The journal is run BY students, and is FOR students. Students in a Technical Editing and Publishing course select the theme, peer-review the submissions, and work with authors/artists to bring their texts to fruition. The journal is published digitally November 30 every year.

Last Updated: 6/14/21