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Featured Courses — Spring 2023

The schedule changes often, please check the official schedule.

WRTG 2040: Intro to Writing Studies
WRTG 3011: Writing in the Arts and Humanities
WRTG 3012: Writing in the Social Sciences
WRTG 3014: Writing in the Sciences
WRTG 3015: Professional Writing
WRTG 3016: Business Writing
WRTG 3018: Writing Popular Culture
WRTG 3019: Writing About War
WRTG 3040: Digital Storytelling
WRTG 3800: Social Histories of Power and the Rhetoric of the Everyday
WRTG 3830: Research in Technical and Professional Communication
WRTG 3870: Writing as Social Practice
WRTG 3975: Histories and Theoreis of Rhetoric
WRTG 3890: Rhetorical and Critical Methods - Non-Eurocentric Approach toRhetorics
WRTG 4002: Grant Writing
WRTG 4030: Visual Rhetoric
WRTG 4040: Digital Rhetoric
WRTG 4200: Writing Popular Nonfiction
WRTG 4850: Technical Editing
WRTG 4905: Studies in Professional Discourses - Discourses of Law
WRTG 5990: Senior Seminar


Last Updated: 11/2/22