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Writing Placement

Writing 1010 and 2010 should be taken within the first three semesters at the U, and before students enroll in their upper-division CW writing courses. New students with questions about their placement should talk to their advisor who will have access to their information.

Ways to place into WRTG 2010:
  • Earn a C- or higher in WRTG 1010 (**WRTG 1009, or equivalent transfer credit)
  • Take the Writing Placement Essay and receive a score of 3
  • *AP English Language/Comp with a score of 3
  • CLEP College Composition Score 50+

Taking the Writing Placement Essay

The Writing Placement Essay is administered to students throughout the year by the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies (DWRS).

More detailed information about the Writing Placement Essay is available. However, to take the essay test you must fill out the form on the information page and wait for an email adding you to the CANVAS class.

Writing Placement Essays are rated by the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies. Students may call the office (801)581-7090 for results the following business day after the rating date. Results are sent to your UMail.


WRTG 2010:

Ways to complete the WR2 General Education Requirement:
  • Earn a C- or better in one of the following classes: WRTG 2010, **WRTG 2009, EAS 1060, HONOR 2211, or an equivalent transfer course (WR2)
  • *AP English Language/Comp or English Literature/Comp with a score of a 4 or 5
  • Previous Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree

International and English as a Second Language students are encouraged to take WRTG 1010 sec. 019, 020, 021

If you place into WRTG 2010 you can enroll in WRTG 2010 sec. 64 and 65.  Please contact Lisa Shaw or fill out the form here to get a permission code.

*The Advanced placement test will no longer fulfill the WR2 requirement after this school year 2021/2022. Students entering for academic year 2022/2023 will not be able to satisfy the requirement with an AP score.

*AP Language and Composition with a score of 3 or higher would receive equivalent credit for 3 credits of ENGL/WRTG 1010. AP Literature and Composition with a score of 3 or higher would receive the equivalent of 3 credits of ENGL 2XXX.

**WRTG 1009 & 2009

1009 & 2009 are only available to students who are part of Utah Global. Utah Global provides permission codes to students participating in that program. 1009 fulfills WR1 and 2009 fulfills WR2.

Last Updated: 7/21/21