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Romeo García

Romeo García, assistant professor in Writing & Rhetoric Studies is one of the editors of a new book Rhetorics Elsewhere and Otherwise Congratulations Romeo on such a great accomplishment.

Rhetorics Elsewhere and Otherwise: Contested Modernities, Decolonial Visions

The discipline of composition and rhetoric stands at a crossroad in its pedagogical, research, and public commitments. Decolonial ruptures in writing and rhetoric studies work to build new horizons, new histories, of local knowledges and meaning-making practices that break from Western hegemonic models of knowledge production. This collection functions as one access point within a constellation of such work, forming an ecology of decolonial shifts informed by strategies for potentially decolonizing language and literacy practices, writing and rhetorical instruction, and research practices and methods.

Rhetorics elsewhere and otherwise emerge across a spectrum, from geo- and body politics of knowledge and understanding to local histories emerging from colonial peripheries. Romeo García and Damián Baca offer the expressions elsewhere and otherwise as invitations to join existing networks and envision pluriversal ways of thinking, writing, and teaching that surpass the field’s Eurocentric geographies, cartographies, and chronologies.

Last Updated: 12/11/21