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WRTG 4830: Usability Testing

Usability Testing is a course that prepares students for writing in the workplace. Students will learn principles of user-centered document design to help them meet the needs of their intended audiences. Students will also be introduced to different methods and technologies associated with usability, in order to determine whether users of texts – such as instructions or brochures or websites – are able to employ them successfully. 

Students strongly advised to take WRTG 2010 or its equivalent prior to this course.

User Testing Report

Students Jackson Kerbs and Ashley McFarland worked with Faculty member Natalie Stillman-Webb to test the usability of our Departmental Website. Through this test we made changes such as moving links, changing where information is located, and adding certain information that was missing on the website. We want to thank Jackson and Ashley for all of their hard work in and out of class. Their final report helped us make a better website for all users. Thank you again!

For more information on WRTG 4830, see the flyer below. To see other classes we offer, click here.

WRTG 4830 Fall 2017 Flyer

Last Updated: 12/11/21