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Graduates with degrees in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Utah have an excellent job placement record. In fact, all of our graduates have secured tenure track positions at a number highly-regarded universities and colleges, including Utah Valley State University, University of Southern Mississippi, Texas State University--San Marcos, Brigham Young University, and Montana State University to name a few.

Alumni Placement and Dissertation Titles

Isabel Gardett, 2013. (ENGL). Private Industry

"Sometimes there are differences of opinion as to what the data mean": Bureaucracy and facticity in the face of inconclusive evidence.

Josh Lenart, 2013. (ENGL). Job Market

Wilderness and wildlife in the American West: Confronting rhetoric in the mule deer debate.

Kathleen Smyth, (2012) (ECS) Eastside Catholic High School, Seattle WA

The competing discourses of teacher training: How graduate students negotiate the everyday realities of subjectivities.

Sundy Watanabe, 2012. (ECS) Utah Valley University

Tensions in rhetorics of presence and performance 

Gae Lyn Henderson, 2007. (ENGL) Utah Valley State University

Intersubjectivity: An ethics for critical rhetoric and writing.

Sheldon Walcher, 2007. (ENGL) Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL (S. Mississippi University)

What we talk about when we talk about error: Competing tropes of "deviance" in the history of composition.

Octavio Pimentel, 2005. (ECS) Texas State University-- San Marcos

Unheard stories: The interpretation and production of historias de exito within a Mexican community.

Laura Card, 2005. (COMM) Western Governor’s University

TREK magazine (1942-1943): A critical rhetorical analysis [of a literary magazine at a Japanese internment camp]

Doug Downs, 2004. (ENGL) Montana State University (UVU)

Teaching our own prison: First-year composition curricula and public conceptions of writing.

Linn Bekins, 1999. (ED) San Diego State University

Collaboration in science: Strategy and the writing of a review chapter.

Scott Oates, 1998. (ED) Virginia Commonwealth University (University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire)

Literacy as an everyday practice: Case studies of students' uses of literacy in high school, community college, and university writing classes.

Brent Faber, 1998. (ENGL) Worcester Polytechnic University (Clarkson, North Carolina State)

A rhetoric of change: Examining discourse and organizational change.

Deanna Dannels, 1998. (COMM PhD) North Carolina State University

Orality in the disciplines: A study of oral practices in mechanical engineering.

Heather Bruce, 1997. (ED PhD) University of Montana

Writing in the margins: Revising the scripts of gendered constructions in a high school women’s studies class.

Kathryn Fitzgerald, 1994. (ED PhD) Utah State University

A history of discursive (de)construction of composition (1884-1900).

UWP MA - PhD Graduate School

JohnBalzotti, MA (PhD, Iowa State University)

Porter Olson, MA (PhD, University of Maryland)

Sarah Read, MA (PhD, University of Washington)

Shauna Wight, MA (PhD, University of New Hampshire)

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